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Pepe Carroll's grave

Category: Graves
Address: Avenida de América 94, 50007 Zaragoza, Spain
GPS coordinates: (41.617981, -0.88589)
José Arsenio Franco Larraz José Larraz
Entered by: Hieron
José Arsenio Franco Larraz, better known as Pepe Carroll (Calatayud, Spain, 17 September 1957 – Zaragoza, Spain, 5 January 2004), was a magician and television presenter.
He chose his name from the artistic pseudonym of British writer Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland.
He studied Industrial Engineering, but he never did the profession. He began his apprenticeship as a magician at the magic school of Zaragoza, and won several national and international awards of magic.
He wrote two books on the subject, ''Cincuenta y dos amantes'', vol. 1 and 2 and various articles in the Magic School of Madrid and worked, among others, in Las Vegas, and in several European countries and South America. He started as a manipulator and later focused on close-up magic and parlor magic, together with other magicians like Juan Tamariz, Camilo Vázquez, Juan Antón Arturo de Ascanio, Doctor Varela, etc..
Pepe Carroll died of a heart attack in Zaragoza on January 5, 2004 at the age of 46, during the night of the Epiphany.
He was buried on 6 January in Cementerio de Torrero, Zaragoza, Plot: Manzana 11 - Zona Rosa, Nicho 1141, Fila 5.
(Torrero Cemetery, Block 11 - Pink Area, Niche 1141, Row 5)
Note: GPS coordinates indicate the exact location of the grave.
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Pepe Carroll (Hieron)
Pepe Carroll (Hieron)
Pepe Carroll (Hieron)
Pepe Carroll (Hieron)