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Franz Anton Mesmer

Category: Graves
GPS coordinates: (47.6961, 9.278842)
Entered by: collimate
Franz Anton Mesmer's Grave

Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer (/'m?zm?r/;[1] German: ['m?sm?]; May 23, 1734 March 5, 1815) was a German physician with an interest in astronomy, who theorised that there was a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects that he called animal magnetism, sometimes later referred to as mesmerism. The theory attracted a wide following between about 1780 and 1850, and continued to have some influence until the end of the century.[2] In 1843 the Scottish physician James Braid proposed the term hypnosis for a technique derived from animal magnetism; today this is the usual meaning of mesmerism.
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