Aim of Findacadabra is to provide a useful tool for magicians, and for everybody who loves the art of magic as a form of entertainment, and respects its culture and its history.

(Findacadabra has nothing to do with the occult, the paranormal or any other spiritual subjects).

Findacadabra is also a collaborative website, where magicians can add new places to the map.
Your contribution to Findacadabra is important, and it will certainly be appreciated by other magicians. Please, make sure the information you add is pertinent to the content of the site and fits the purpose for which Findacadabra was intended.

The following instructions will help you:


In Findacadabra, a POI (Point Of Interest) is a specific point location that other magicians may find useful or interesting.
All the POIs added to Findacadabra should indicate physical spots on the territory that other magician may visit.
Please avoid to insert places like online-shop warehouses, private residences, and private properties that are not open to public. Be also sure not to violate personal privacy. (See also Terms and Conditions )


The Name should clearly identify the POI.
For shops, theatres, museums, etc., please use the official name.


The Category helps to classify the POI. You can choose between:
  • Shops: any commercial activity related to magic.
  • Clubs: magic clubs, associations and organizations.
  • Theatres: theatres and places where magic is regularly performed, ancient theatres and places that hosted magic in the past, still existing or not (in that case indicate the approximate location).
  • Libraries: public or private libraries dedicated to magic, plus those that contain significant magic books and documents.
  • Graves: graves of magicians and people related to magic.
  • Museums: museums of magic and museums that include items related to the art and history of magic.
  • Events: places where magic events regularly take place.
  • Other: any other magic place that does not fit in any of the previous categories.


The description field should contain only useful information about the POI and must be written in English.
Please avoid descriptions like “this is the best shop in the world” or “this theatre is wonderful!”, etc.
Rather, indicate what products can be found in a shop, explain the historic importance of the place, give additional details on how to get there, etc..
The description field is not intended for advertising. Advertisements can be inserted using the Ad box.
The data you choose to put in the description should be as correct and reliable as possible.
Please avoid to insert information that can vary frequently (e.g. shop opening hours and days, promotions, temporary events, etc.).
The owner of the activity can use the Ad box to communicate with the users and provide up-to-date information.


The address should be as complete as possible.
Please use the form: Address, City, Province/State, Nation (e.g. 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA)
Additional information such as Floor, Suite Number etc. should be inserted in the description field (not in the address).
Always remember to click on “Verify address” before submitting.
After submitting the POI, GPS coordinates will be automatically calculated and associated with the address.


The GPS coordinates (Latitude and Longitude fields) should be filled only when the address is not defined or inappropriate (e.g. graves, etc.). How to get Latitude and Longitude
Please provide further information about the closest approximate address and/or how to get there in the description field.


Comments should be pertinent to the content of the site and fits the purpose for which Findacadabra was intended.


Each picture should not exceed the maximum dimension of 200 KB. A description can also be associated to the picture before submitting it.
Please, make sure the pictures you upload do not violate any copyright or personal privacy. (See Terms and Conditions ).


Any inaccuracy, error or abuse concerning POIs location, description, or comments can be reported using the appropriate links.
Reports will be taken into consideration by the Administrator and corrections will be made in relation to the reliability of the information provided.

Reliability Check

Each time a new POI is submitted, this will be checked by Administrator within 48 hours, with reference to the following requirements:
  • pertinence to the content and aim of Findacadabra;
  • accuracy of location and reliability of the information provided;
  • address completeness;
  • redundancy check;
  • compliance to Findacadabra Regulation and Privacy Policy.
If the POI doesn't meet all the requirements, a mail notification will be sent to the submitter, who will be asked to provide more detailed information. In case of no reply, the POI will be removed from the database.
If the POI meets all the requirements, a mail notification will be sent to the owner (or reference person) of the magic place, who will be allowed to suggest any corrections that he may find necessary. (Notification will be sent whenever possible, in relation to the characteristics of POI).

Final Note

With the purpose of providing a user-friendly website, the processes of registration and addition of new POIs and contents are intentionally left simple and straightforward.
We didn’t want to put you through intricate security verification system, rather we decided to believe in mutual trust and respect between magicians.
In case of abuse, webmaster will take actions to avoid further irregularities.

Please give magic the respect it deserves.

Enjoy Findacadabra!

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